Treating Eccentric Calcium: Addressing the ‘Thorn In Your Side’

Eccentric calcium has always been a ‘pain’…a real thorn in the interventionalists’ side.  While current devices in eccentric calcium often expand the healthy, non-calcified side of the artery or fall subject to wire bias that prevents it from reaching the calcified side of the artery, coronary Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) offers a new alternative that can modify both concentric and eccentric calcium equally as well. Don’t be satisfied with less than ideal stent expansion in eccentric calcium, instead learn how Dr. Margaret McEntegart has used IVL to modify eccentric calcium in the left main and hear Profs. Holger Nef & Carlo Di Mario share their recent publications and clinical data comparing IVL outcomes in eccentric and concentric calcified lesions.


Assessment and Management of Calcified Coronary Lesions, Part 1/5



Live in a Box: Left Main Bifurcation Lesion with Eccentric Calcium, Part 2/5



CAD I/II Analysis: Eccentric Vs. Concentric Lesions, Part 3/5



Lithotripsy in Eccentric and Concentric Coronary Calcifications, Part 4/5



Discussion and Conclusion, Part 5/5





Important Safety Information - Coronary IVL


Caution: In the United States, Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are investigational devices, limited by United States law to investigational use. DISRUPT CAD III Study


Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are commercially available in certain countries outside the U.S. Please contact your local Shockwave representative for specific country availability. The Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are indicated for lithotripsy-enhanced, low-pressure balloon dilatation of calcified, stenotic de novo coronary arteries prior to stenting. For the full IFU containing important safety information please visit:




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