Coronary IVL Future Data Tsunami

At Shockwave, we’re committed to the creation of sound clinical evidence to support the adoption and long-term utilization of our technology. This includes a balance of high-quality Shockwave-sponsored and investigator-initiated research studies to advance the knowledge of our technology’s performance in daily practice.


While you can read more about our company-sponsored clinical trials on the website here, there hasn’t been a good resource for our customers to understand what investigator-initiated studies we’re also supporting…until now.


Based on feedback from our European coronary customers who ask (frequently) about what we’re working on, we’ve decided to create a visually friendly overview of the company-sponsored and investigator-initiated studies that have been published to-date, are in progress, or are approved and planned. And for your reference, on the back of the overview you will find the full coronary bibliography of published papers.


We’re very excited about providing you with visibility into this program and the resulting abundance of clinical evidence that is in the process of being generated – it will definitely be a coronary IVL data tsunami in the near future. We look forward to updating this document on a quarterly basis so that you can see when new studies are planned, started and published.


Hope you find this beneficial for your use!   



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Important Safety Information - Coronary


Caution: In the United States, Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are investigational devices, limited by United States law to investigational use. DISRUPT CAD III Study


Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are commercially available in certain countries outside the U.S. Please contact your local Shockwave representative for specific country availability. The Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL catheters are indicated for lithotripsy-enhanced, low-pressure balloon dilatation of calcified, stenotic de novo coronary arteries prior to stenting. For the full IFU containing important safety information please visit:



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